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The Social Movement Network for Travelers


triper is the social movement network for travelers from all over the world.


With triper every traveler will have the chance to experience traveling with “the eyes of a local host” – simply and for free.


Wherever you go, Paris, Bangkok, Barcelona, London, Dubai, Berlin, Rome or New York — triper is there with you.


Anywhere and worldwide!

Private und real contacts


triper is a network of private contacts connecting travelers with residents of their chosen destinations.


triper will lead to a better understanding between different cultures and has a special social impact on all users.


That is our promise.

Better understanding of cultures


triper will provide an individual search option,


World travelers can plan amazing vacations where they can experience the hospitality of a local acquaintance and gain a better understanding of a culture like only locals do,


Wherever they are – absolutely easy to find thru triper.

Become a Host


If you like to become a proud host of your city/region, just let us know it by email and clicking on the button.


We are happy to see you soon in your town.



If you’d like to be notified about new developments and features, as well as our much-anticipated launch soon, register on our newsletter.

Benefits of using triper


  • Learn to see your destination “through different eyes”.


  • Private contacts to local hosts at

your destination.


  • Share and explore life like a local with

your host, while on vacation!


  • Schedule everything upfront before

you travel. or in real-time, when you

are there.


  • Perfect for singles, couples, small

families and tour groups.


  • Gain a better understanding of

different nations and people.


  • There is no cost to use triper and

any scheduled activities agreed

upon between host and traveler

can be changed at their mutual



  • …..and so much more! (features to

be added and upgraded as our site



HOW triper WORKS

Search for your local hosts

by your interests.

All available hosts and offers

will be shown on the map of your choice/destination.


Just click on one offer to get

the first contact with your host.


Easy and quick



Sybille F.

Hamburg / Germany


triper is something

I would do right away - I can not wait to use triper asap.

Marco S.

Sydney / Australia


As a open-minded aussie It would be my pleasure to show you "my Sydney".


Let us triper soon.

Bethany and George



Lake Orion/MI/USA


Just watch the video

The social movement network of private contacts connecting travelers with residents of their chosen destinations.

the world is ONE

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